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    ountry were in the audience.The term "left-behind" describes rural children whose parents are away fr▓om home, usually working in the cities, left in the ?/p> Code to fol

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    坈are usually of grandparents.The enterpreneurs d▓onated 6 million yuan (870,000 U.S. dollars) to public welfare projects for the children, including free

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music lessons.A▓t the end of the concert, Lang Lang ▓was presented with a painting by ch▓ildren from a Linxia primary school.The pi

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anist ha▓s a history of donating instruments and textbooks to rural areas and helping to train music te▓achers."I want to support

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free music education, includin▓g piano classes, for these children in Linxia," h▓e said."We all know these children have a far more

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difficult life than their peers in more conventional families, but the


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a zoo in Gaza, Palestine, Jan. 3. These animals died of starvation. The zoo▓ owner says there is no money to spend on feeding the animals, and therefore many have starved to death.More galleriesChildren use dead animals as

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